creating a positive sentiment in an otherwise dull environment

Know that? You´re holding the latest copy of a magazine in your hand that has been your monthly read for years, curious what they may have come up again, but even before you got past the first couple of pages they make their money with – and you, in case you´re working in the field publishing, jealous – there is a sense of irritation. Something feels strange.

Unless you are completely unsensitive you´re fingertipps will allready subconsciously have noticed the different touch until you´re perplexed brain just fractions of a second later confirms: they have changed the paper!

In concreto i´m talking about MONOCLE, the magazine i have been subscribed to since it´s beginnings twelve years ago, and, as i understood turning the next page, with a good reason. They somehow managed to foresee my irritation, apparently even knew at what page my vague feelings would lead to a concise conclusion. And gave an explanation to what in the first instant looked like a measure to save money. `Cause that´s what usually makes publishers implement changes. It´s always about the profit.

Not in this case, MONOCLE claims, and i´m inclined to believe their explication. Mainly for one reason: they decided to have the magazine printed in Germany. See, no one goes to Germany just to save money. Does not work. Where they did there printing till the last issue? In the UK! Now here we go, it´s just one more proof for the complete and utter incompetence of the political class in England! I shurely can´t blame the publishers of my favourite magazine to make shure they´ll be able to publish continously and deliver the copies to their readers.

Yes, it´s just one more symptom of a political system that has gone down the drain. No, not only in the UK, all over the so called western world political decisions are based on irrational grounds. Shure, it´s not easy to find solutions for real problems. But may this really be an excuse to cover them up, blow up other onse, just to offer simple solutions, that, when you take a closer look, just feed the electorates atavistic urge for “others” to project the guilt onto? Especially when this fictious guilt has been established by thoose, who later will point the finger at it – an them – for their own benefit? Retorical, i know, but unfortunately our current reality. A fake reality, to use one of the most (ab-)used adjectives in recent propaganda, or, to be a bit more true to the fact, a virtual reality. Which, again, is a misleading term, as it´s derived from latin virtus, as in virtue, further meanings are fortitude, galantry, vigor or virility. And, let´s not forget when that language was used, all of thoose in an innocent, positive conotation. Looks like we have lost all of that, not only the understanding of virtualitas, but also all the characteristics the word was meant to convey originally.


is it only me…

…or do you get bored by daily imbecility as well? i´m not going to mention the B-word now, neither the P-word, nor am i going to get into the dizzynes provoking world of political propaganda. it´s just this inferior level of public discourse, obscene lack of style and abesnt sense of decency that makes me want to redraw from the triteness of current daily life.

so not to get worn out contemplating on how society rather should work i´ll just do what seems to be appropriate in this our consumistic age: ponder over the perfect ways to waste time, money and more!

constantly living according to the rules you´re gonna miss all the fun stuff! — Katahrine Hepburn