see the sea? maybe later!

the beach? couldn´t care less!

It might only be time for easter celebrations right now, back home in Austria the weather news have mentioned “snowfalls down to 600 meters above sea level”, but honestly: aren´t we allready more than ready for summer? And might start contemplating on where to go? See! For most of us most propably that yearning immedately provokes images of beaches and the blue sea. Not any more so after the guys of the Salzburg Toursim Board have been presenting you with their vivid vision of what summer holidays should be like.

summer in a nutshell

First, to get things straight, we are not talking about the city that anyhow will be submerged in tourists as soon as next month. Quite the contrary to New York, a city they named twice, in the case of Salzburg they had to put a “Land” next to “Salzburg” in order to make a distinction, you may translate that into “country” or “county”, as you wish. So whilst the City will be jammed and all the splendor made but invisible by herds of limp gazers out there in the “Land” one may enjoy quite a bit of serenity. And isn´t that what we will be looking for, once the eagerly anticipated holidays finally have arrived, to get away from all the hustle and bustle?


Which makes summer at the sea a bit less tempting, let´s be honest, all those places you would like to be at seem to clog up by july, especially on the shores of the mediterranean. So what the charming people from Salzburg had to tell sounded quite tempting. They´ve got a lot of experience making vacationers happy during winter when snow covered mountains and an abundance of top level lodging and feeding establishments make it hard to ignore that particular part of the alps. But how could they entice us in summer?

natural resources worth tasting!

As a start of course with the same attractions as in the rest of the year, natural beauty, culinary knowledge and unsurpassed hospitality. But how to substitute the benefits the sounds and ozone filled air at sea delivers to holiday-makers? Easy! The same key arguments go for the forests covering Salzburgs gentle slopes all the way up to the pastures which again naturally caress visitors. Plus the fact that forests literally eat up the dust that makes a day in the city as unpleasant as kids racing past you relaxing on your beach chair. And, while beaches technically only do work next to the sea hence only covering that narrow stretch along the med, forests and pastures cover most of alpine Austrian and Salzburg being a prominent part of that.

pinus cembra vulgo stone pine, tenacious, fragrant, beneficial

Just watching the images i did actually experience what science claims to have found, namely that this particular environment slows down your heartbeat while it enhances the oxygen level in your blood. Which sound exactly what Holidays are supposed to help you achieving, a break for your system, that is. But that’s only part of the treat, some might go for biking, hiking or whatever-ing, me personally i´d prefer some dining – but the Salzburg way this time. Which means you will find yourself in Gourmet heaven even if you decide to stroll from peak to peak on one of the numerous walking trails. You even might pass by one of these seductive ponds or lakes that make you want to jump in for refreshment. Might be a great idea, they definitely are, but make sure the water temperature is right for you. Being relaxed as you will bei in Salzburger Land it might come as a shock when you realize that part of it was brought to you by the fact that it´s been recently melted snow that you just encountered. Which could cause quite a counterproductive effect on your recently acquired relaxedness.

no need for power tools up here!